Nour Academy – Teaching Arabic and Quraan to Non-Arabic Speaking Muslims

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For online Arabic Quran Memorisation or Tajweed sessions please email Info@NourAcademy.com – Arabic courses coming soon Insha’ Allah

Our mission is to teach Arabic to people who really want to invest the time and effort to learn it, while our main goal remains to spread love for our Holy Quraan to every Muslim who is interested in understanding, reading it with Tajweed, or memorizing it by heart.

Company Overview

Nour Academy is an online community for teaching Quran, Tajweed and Arabic to Non-Arabic-Speaking Muslims around the world. We also offer highly flexible one-on-one Quran memorization classes through Skype. Keep an eye out for our free community events such as live chats with our teachers, open discussions and Volunteer meetings!

Being a part of the Nour Academy Community offers you the chance for:

a. Female teachers available for Female students
b. Create your learning schedule with infinite flexibility
c. Fees are $25/ 8 Sessions / month

General Information
NourAcademy is an educational organization that provides online Quraan Tajweed and Quraan Memorization courses, all on a 1-on-1 basis. The methodology used in the classroom is to teach Arabic and Quraan through practice rather than through theory (as is the best practice for applied learning as language and Quraan). Arabic classes for all levels will start soon inshaa Allah.
The student is encouraged to speak in the virtual classroom, while the instructors give the necessary lesson information, explanations and feedback.

Quraan students will only be charged at a symbolic fee to ensure enthusiasm and dedication, as Nour Academy is not-for-profit organization. Proceeds from Quraan education will cover basic operational costs, and the remaining will be recycled in the form of scholarships, discounts for less wealthy Muslims, and other forms of promotion for Quraan worldwide.

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