Nour Academy – Teaching Arabic and Quraan to Non-Arabic Speaking Muslims

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What Is Nour Academy?

Nour Academy is an educational organization that provides online Arabic language and Quraan Tajweed courses. We believe that knowledge does not come without effort, commitment, and dedication; and that our role is to facilitate the learning process and provide guidance to those who wish to reap its fruits. Our mission is to teach Arabic to people who really want to invest the time and effort to learn it and teach Quraan to every pious Muslim who understands that it is his obligation to learn it.

We have a unique approach among other online Arabic course providers in that the language of the classroom is strictly in Arabic. This allows the students to actually practice what they learn all the time they are in the classroom and become adapted to listening to and speaking in Arabic rather than learning in a vacuum. We also stress less on the rules of grammar from a theoretical point of view and try to teach correct grammatical usage through practice.

Our instructors are all Native Arabs located in Egypt; the country of Al-Azhar University, and trained in providing online courses for non-Arabic speaking Muslims.

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ul. Sobieskiego 10/30
31-136 Kraków
Lider: Aisha
tel: +48 535 586 559


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